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50ml Mini Clear Vodka Glass Bottle

Short Description:

Vodka is a Russian traditional alcoholic drink.
Vodka is made from grains or potatoes, distilled to make alcohol of up to 95 degrees, and then desalinated to 40 to 60 degrees with distilled water, and filtered through activated carbon to make the wine more crystal clear, colorless and light and refreshing, making people feel It is not sweet, bitter, or astringent, but only a flaming stimuli, forming the unique characteristics of vodka.
We offer a variety of styles Vodka glass bottle and support customization.

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Capacity 50ml
Product Code V1015
Size Height: 100-135mm
Diameter: 30-45mm
Net Weight 65-90g
Sample Free Supply
Color Clear
Surface Handling Screen Printing
Hot Stamping
Sealing Type Screw Cap
Material Crystal White
Customize Size、Logo、Shape
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Advantages of clear glass bottles

⚡ 1. Sealing and barrier properties.

⚡ 2. The wine should be sealed and stored, otherwise oxygen will easily deteriorate when entering the wine, and the sealing performance of the glass is very good, which can effectively prevent the wine from contacting the outside air and deteriorate, and the sealing can also prevent the volatilization of the wine in the bottle. Guarantee the quality and quantity of wine.

⚡ 3. Repeated use.

⚡ 4. Can be recycled.

⚡ 5. Easy to transform transparency.

⚡ 6. The color of the glass wine bottle can be changeable, the form can also be changeable, and the transparency can also be changeable, which meets the consumption needs of different people. Some people want to know some information about the wine by observation. At this time Glass wine bottles with good transparency are their first choice. Some people don’t like to see the liquid inside. They can choose opaque glass materials, which provides a lot of choices.


50ml vodka bottle (1)
50ml vodka bottle (2)
50ml vodka bottle (3)


50ml vodka bottle
50ml vodka bottle (2)

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Silk Printing


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